nice that you visit my page and give me the opportunity to bring you the holography in its fundamentals a little closer. Maybe I’ll succeed in triggering a bit of fascination in you. Sometimes there is a desire to make a hologram yourself. It’s not that hard but pretty impressive!

the illumination


the chemistry

the principle of holography

the holoshooting table

the laser

the necessary optics





Advance notice of an art exhibition „magic with light – holography“ on march 18th till may 24th 2019 Sparda-Bank Krefeld, Königstrasse 91 – 93, 47798 Krefeld  –…

idea fountain

Here it is possible to make ideas and suggestions by email, propose interesting objects, check their holographic realization or simply ask questions.

Press releases

article about holography in the westgerman news from 03/12/13

Don’t hesitate ask me about my work!

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