˚Wolfgang Ploenes


My name is Wolfgang and I am a born „Uerdinger“, born in 1952 and raised in Krefeld on the left Lower Rhine.

The first contact with holography came in the early 80s through the fascination of exhibited holograms in different sizes and techniques.

Soon, the desire awoke in me to make this extraordinary phenomenon of 3D presentation without viewing aids even for me to do feasible.

1983 – almost in the „wedding“ of holography, the first small 6 * 5 cm holograms were created. The interest in it was enormous, so that I soon became a teacher of various adult education courses in holography.

As an „active retiree“ after a successful career, this unique hobby took possession of me again and embraced me with all its magic.

The network likes to „remember“ the holography and there are also discussion and exchange forums not only via Facebook.

So everything took its course and the holography again took on „shape“ in the truest three-dimensional sense.

To put it in a nutshell: Holography is a damn cool thing !!! -what am i talking about..do it, just do it – alone or together

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