the chemistry

Hologram illuminated! finished?

NO! Do not switch on room lighting! The film must still be developed, watered, bleached, watered, dried and preserved.
The film has its highest sensitivity in the laser-red (632NM) range. It is the least sensitive to diffuse green laboratory light.

After exposure, the film is bathed in a 2 minute bath with a developer (Dokumol, etc.), then rinsed briefly, immersed in a stop bath (which stops the development process), then rinsed again (so that the baths are not contaminated with each other). Then it goes into a bleaching bath and gradually you can turn on the room light and continue working.

After a final watering, a 15 minute drying takes place, which makes the hologram visible as if by magic. This moment of visualization is magical in holography. If all goes well, you will be captured by a wonderfully magical glowing hologram.

Changes in chemical processing can create a variety of colors. Almost the entire visible spectral range is available. Do not forget: Never throw used chemicals down the drain, but hand them in to a disposal company !!!

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